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With the intelligent hose coupling system MOLOScode the mix up of hose connections at distribution stations become a thing of the past and the management of hoses has never been easier before. MOLLET plans and supplies complete coupling stations with all well-established couplings including data transmission. On request existing coupling stations can be refitted with the MOLOScode system as well.


With the help of RFID technology all hoses and piping are exactly identified and the process control system is permanently informed about any actual hose coupling. Thus the product flow can be controlled by the process control system by opening the valve not before the correct hose is connected. The plant internal product distribution is shown online in the process control room and can be completely documented. Higher product safety and lower accident risk are the result of the avoidance of mistakes caused by human error.


With MOLOScode you easily keep an overview even for crossed and intertwined hoses. The control of contamination of hoses or of maintenance periods are comfortable realized via the process control system.