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Wolfgang Hageleit
Wolfgang Hageleit

Wolfgang Hageleit is the creative mind and founder of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH. With much commitment and experience he and his employees focused on sales and development of level measurement devices for bulk solids at the beginning.


Especially due to the lots of small and great innovations that he pushed forward, MOLLET became a world leading supplier of safety equipment for the operation of silos. The decisive factor for this success was that all innovations have been developed to the marketing stage and really satisfied customer requirements.

4th Decade











Functional enhancement of the pressure switch MOLOSpressdec MSD to a pressure sensor with a measuring range from 0 ... 100 mbar and 4 … 20 mA output


Expansion of our product portfolio through the MOLOSbarrier and MOLOSflow devices for contactless point level and flow control with microwave technology


Technological extension of the MOLOSvibro series with high-temperature versions and ATEX approvals for the use in explosive gases



Realization of many large projects for the automatization of coupling stations in the plastics and feed industry with the intelligent coupling system MOLOScode



Successful market entrance in Russia



Installation of a You-Tube channel for the professionell presentation of MOLLET videos


Conception and creation of videos about function and application of MOLLET products



Production of the informative and enhancing catalogue for MOLLET products the first time in bound form


Start of a new advertising campaign showing the already attractive MOLLET products in a even more appealing way


Market introduction of MOLOSbob LF20 as a second technology for continuous level measurement in bulk solids


30th company`s anniversary of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH


New brand names for MOLLET quality products


Award as one of the top three of innovative enterprises in the category instrumentation and automation


Market launch of the innovativ MOLOScode-System


Complete redesign of codeable coupling systems for coupling stations


Market launch of a fill level visualization and stock management system based on the internet


Market entrance in Asia with distributors in China and Malaysia


Development and market launch of the MWF, a measurement device for continuous level measurement with ATEX-approval based on the guided microwave measuring principle


Enhancement of sales activities in North- and East-Europe with additional distributors


3rd Decade




ATEX approvals for pinch valves



Construction and relocation into the new office and manufacturing facility in RIO, Osterburken


50th anniversary of our Spanish cooperation partner Filsa



ATEX approvals for MF Membrane level indicators and MSD silo pressure detector



ATEX approvals for PF Pendulum level indicators



ATEX approvals for DF Rotary blade level indicators



Certification of our QM system in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2000


2nd Decade







Development of a modular assembly system for the core product DF Rotary blade level indicators



Development and market launch of the Swiveling lever with limit switch that protects against wanton destruction and vandalism


Coded couplings ATEX-approved for category 2 gas, start of sales to several chemical and pharmaceutical companies



Development and market launch of a fully automatic silo safe system in order to avoid overfilling of silos



Development and market launch of MSD pressure detector

1st Decade





Development and market launch of the first intelligent hose coupling system to detect actual connections at coupling terminals



ATEX approvals for the complete range of DF rotary blade level indicators



Development and market launch of hose couplings with limit switches that detect actual connection


Foundation of the enterprise MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH in Osterburken by Wolfgang Hageleit