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MOLOSsafe-Safety for silo filling process

MOLOSsafe offers maximum safety during pneumatic silo filling.


Point level measurement in sticky bulk goods

MOLOSroto level switch with annular gap flushing


Automation with intelligent hose couplings (Kopie 1)

Assurance of an economic product manufacturing with high quality!


Always keep a close eye on media flows!

Reliable control of all connections at a hose couplings station!


Most inexpensive level control worldwide!

Reliable level control with inspection window MOLOSvisu W070 from MOLLET!


MOLOScode patent for 30 years

Patent for the development of "intelligent couplings" received already 30 years ago on August 09, 1990!


Extreme temperatures for level measurement devices

MOLOSroto rotary blade level indicators solve even very tough measuring problems


MOLOSvibro V6. for all bulk goods

Mini vibration rod level indicator even with limited mounting space!


MSD pressure transmitter of MOLLET!

Safe protection of silos against overfilling during pneumatic filling process with MOLOSpressdec MSD pressure transmitter!


Filling level and function at one glance!

Function display with calotte for MOLOSroto rotary paddle!


Safe loading of bulk goods in explosive atmosphere

MOLOSroto rotary paddle level indicators approved for zone 20 offer new opportunities!


MOLOSwave – reliable level measurement

Level measurement devices of the MOLOSwave series although suitable for explosive bulk goods


Control of material flow with FSM

Timely recognition of flow disturbances with microwave technology!


ATEX approval for MOLOSbob!

Continuous level measurement in potentially explosive atmospheres!


MOLOSvibro for all bulk solids

Single rod level indicator for potentially explosive atmospheres in ex zones 0 and 1!

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