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Automation with intelligent hose couplings (Kopie 1)

Assurance of an economic product manufacturing with high quality!

An end-to-end automation is the precondition for an economic product manufacturing with high and reliable quality. In this process the detection of the actual situation at the coupling points of the process pipe is a frequent weakness. In order to close this gap reliably, MOLLET Füllstandtechnik offers different intelligent hose coupling systems based on Storz, modified Camlock and road tanker couplings. For the use in potentially gas or dust explosive atmospheres there are suitable coupling-systems with limit switch available.

For the signal delivery at the coupling points of silo or tank filling pipes as well as on coupling stations the MOLOSswitch coupling systems with limit switch or with RFID-technology are used. When the hose is connected, the limit switch will be actuated and an I/O signal will be transmitted. The provided blank cap does not activate the limit switch. Where MOLOScode reading devices with RFID-technology are used, the connected hose with a transponder will be recognized and the ID-number of the hose will be transmitted to the process control. Consequently, the process control is always informed about the actual status at the coupling points of the process pipe!