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MOLOSwave – reliable level measurement

Level measurement devices of the MOLOSwave series although suitable for explosive bulk goods

MOLLET Füllstandtechnik offers with the MOLOSwave series the opportunity, to measure the filling level in potentially explosive bulk goods as well. Reliable measuring signals and a very attractive price-performance-ratio make the MWF21 with rod probe and the MWF27 with rope probe extremely interesting for more and more customers worldwide. High accuracy due to four wire technology and independence of product characteristics as well as very good insensitiveness against dust, build up and condensate are further advantages of the MOLOSwave series.

The radar measuring devices of the MOLOSwave series are based on the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) principle. In doing so high frequency microwave pulses with low energy are created that are coupled onto the probe and guided along this probe to the bulk goods. The product surface partly reflects these pulses. The electronic detects the reflected pulses and calculates the actual filling level from the time difference of the transmitted and received signals. These filling levels are made available as a 4-20 mA signal for further signal processing.