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Control of material flow with FSM

Timely recognition of flow disturbances with microwave technology!

In many processes with e.g. pneumatic conveying of bulk solids flow controller are used, that monitor free of contact the flow of bulk solids in pipelines. MOLLET Füllstandtechnik has enhanced the offer in the product sector Bulk Solids Handling with the MOLOSflow FSM and closed consequently an essential gap in the product portfolio.


With the MOLOSflow FSM flow disturbances, congestions, lack of bulk solids during conveying of powders, dusts, pellets and granulates are timely and reliably recognized. Thereby, cost and problems that arise due to a plant shutdown can be avoided.


The variable adjustment of sensitivity, signal damping, switching hysteresis and filter function allow an optimal adaption to any kind of application. Due to the contact-less flow control the use in aggressive media is possible as well. Maintenance-free continuous operation, easy installation and parametrization at the device are additional advantages of the device. The measuring device operates in the microwave range and use the physical principle of the Doppler Effect.