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MOLOScode patent for 30 years

Patent for the development of "intelligent couplings" received already 30 years ago on August 09, 1990!

Whether a hose is connected to the coupling station or not, is an important information for the PLC. But it would be even better to know, which hose is connected where. In order to get this information, it is necessary to equip the hose couplings with “intelligence”.


For this Wolfgang Hageleit, founder and managing director of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH had an idea and developed a solution, that was patented already 30 years ago on August 9, 1990. He pushed forward although this innovation and developed it with his team to the marketability. He solved existing problems of the customers and built up a new product line, that contributes an essential part to the success of MOLLET.


This is the intelligent coupling-system MOLOScode that makes an incorrect connection of flexible and rigid pipelines impossible. Each hose gets a transponder and any pipe connection is equipped with a reading device that informs the PLC about the hose that has been connected directly via a bus-system.


With MOLOScode all common coupling-systems can be transformed into an electronically coded coupling system with RFID technology. Thus, a safe distinction of product- and rinsing-connections is secured as well as any hose connection with the wrong process medium can be identified. As soon as the process control detects a wrong or missing connection, the corresponding valve will be shut off immediately and diagnose tools will inform about this mistake. With MOLOScode you easily keep an overview even for crossed and intertwined hoses. The control of contamination of hoses or of maintenance periods are comfortable realized via the process control system. The complete on-site product distribution is shown in the control room and allows a seamless documentation and traceability.