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Extreme temperatures for level measurement devices

MOLOSroto rotary blade level indicators solve even very tough measuring problems

Level measurement in bulk goods has always been a challenging demand for measuring devices. Due to consequent advancement, the MOLOSroto rotary blade level indicators proven and tested for many decades have reached now a technological level, that predestine them for nearly any kind of level measurement applications in bulk solids. These precise and reliable level measuring sensors provide in many areas of the complete process chain the required measuring accuracy and contribute to a high-quality and economic processing of bulk goods even in extreme high temperatures.


For the development of this high-temperature device a lot of testing was required. The sensors were heated up to temperatures of 1.000 °C in a test oven and the heat emission of the cooling elements was measured. Based on these measuring results the really needed dimensions of the temperature decoupling element could be identified. The heat distribution in the device has been exactly analyzed with pictures made with a heat image camera in order to guarantee 100 percent functional safety long-term even under these high temperatures and exclude overheating of the electronic or the motor. This analyze showed exactly the parts of the measuring device that had to be made from special heat resisting materials. Consequently, it succeeded to manufacture a high-tech measuring device that fulfill all customer demands on a high temperature level measurement application.