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MSD pressure transmitter of MOLLET!

Safe protection of silos against overfilling during pneumatic filling process with MOLOSpressdec MSD pressure transmitter!

The maintenance free pressure gauges of the MOLOSpressdec series provide a much higher security level for little money. They are used to protect silos and containers from overpressure during the pneumatic filling process. Depending on the design the gauge either activates a signal as soon as the pressure reaches the switching point at 40 mbar or the provided output is according to the relative pressure of 0 ... 100 mbar the industry standard signal 4 -20 mA.


The MOLOSpressdec-MSD is available with ATEX approvals for use in gas and dust explosive hazardous areas. Different models of the sensor, e.g. with a stainless-steel housing, enable the adjustment to the specific applications. This measuring device is distinguished by high reliability and easiest installation. Thereby it is very easy to safely avoid the costly consequences of overfilling in silos or bins.