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Filling level and function at one glance!

Function display with calotte for MOLOSroto rotary paddle!

The rotary paddle switches of the MOLOSroto series are the ideal solution for level monitoring in the areas of storage, processing and transportation. Fine powders of the pharmaceutical industry can be reliably measured as well as sand and coarse gravel for the building material industry or plastic granular or wood pellets.


In order to match this extensive scope of tasks the MOLOSroto devices are provided in twelve different basic versions. One of them is the MOLOSroto DF21 that is characterized by a wide range of applications. Another one is the MOLOSroto DF23 with reinforced blade shaft for even more robust applications. Any single measuring device can be individually arranged with many free selectable options.


One of these options is the function display with calotte. All kind of MOLOSroto level indicators are equipped with four LED´s on the electronic board that can be made visible from outside with calotte for little extra cost. Green means the silo is empty – blue means the silo is full – yellow means the function is o.k. – red means there is a disturbance. This means that you have the filling level and function of the sensor always at one glance.