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Visualization of filling levels in silos

Silo filling level indication VA with LED displays of the MOLOSvisu series

Measuring devices, that measure the filling level in silos and bins, provide as a result often only an output signal. This signal is a certain current level that correlates with the measured filling level. In order to visualize these signals, so called indicating devices are needed. These include the LED devices of the MOLOSvisu series from MOLLET Füllstandtechnik, that illustrate the continuously measured filling levels with a measured value input of 0/4-20 mA in percentage.


These LED devices ideally complement the level measurement devices of the MOLOSbob- and MOLOSwave series. Depending on the number of filling levels that shall be indicated, a corresponding amount of LED displays will be incorporated in the cabinet. Thereby a clearly arranged indication of all filling levels in the complete silo installations is enabled. As required special indicating devices can be used that additionally provide the possibility to switch relays on two separate filling levels in order to give for example an empty detection alarm.


The LED devices of the MOLOSvisu series are characterized by a number of convincing product features. This also includes the 4 digits and easily legible 7 segment LED display that without any problems can be adjusted in a scale range from -1999 up to 4000 as well as the adjustable decimal point that can be set between 1. and 3. decade. The indication can be easily programmed by using the operator keys on the front panel.