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Couplings for Industry 4.0

MOLOScode the intelligent coupling-system detect hose couplings!

Internal product flows controlled and monitored by the PLC – more and more satisfied customers of the plastic and food industry worldwide have realized their desire for this with the couplings for Industry 4.0! That are intelligent coupling-systems from MOLLET with the brand name MOLOScode that make an incorrect connection of flexible and rigid pipelines impossible.


Each hose gets a transponder and any pipe connection is equipped with a reading device that deliver via bus-system the data about any single coupling point to the cloud or directly to the PLC. These data provide information which hose is coupled at which connection point. Only if the matching is correct, the valve will be opened for the product flow. Otherwise it remains closed and a diagnose tool will inform the PLC about this mistake. Thus, avoids mistakes caused by human error in case of connecting and re-routing of connections, increases the production safety and reduces the accident risk. The complete on-site product distribution can be showed in the control room and thereby allows a seamless documentation and traceability.


With MOLOScode any common coupling-system can be transformed into one for Industry 4.0. These electronically coded coupling-systems with RFID technology also enable a safe distinction of product- and rinsing-connections and the automation of the complete hose management. The control of contamination of hoses or of maintenance periods can be comfortably realized via the process control system. Although the overview even for crossed and intertwined hoses can be easily kept with MOLOScode.