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MOLOScode with ATEX approval

First ATEX approval for the intelligent hose coupling system MOLOScode

The intelligent coupling system MOLOScode from MOLLET has received it´s first ATEX approval. Consequently, hose coupling stations with a potentially dust explosive atmosphere (zone 22) can be equipped with this coupling system as well. Further ATEX approvals are in process and will be available shortly.


MOLOScode provides the possibility to monitor internal product flows by the PLC and make an incorrect connection of flexible and rigid pipelines impossible. These can be achieved by the equipment of each hose with a transponder and any pipe connection with a reading device. Via bus-system the data about any single coupling point are delivered directly to the PLC. These data provide information which hose is coupled at which connection point. Only if the matching is correct, the valve will be opened for the product flow. Otherwise it remains closed and a diagnose tool will inform the PLC about this mistake.


Any common coupling-system can be equipped or retrofitted with MOLOScode, that use RFID technology for the monitoring of the couplings.