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MOLOSroto – unbelievable but real!

MOLOSroto level indicators monitor reliably the filling level at 100 bar and in highly explosive atmospheres!

The rotary blade level indicator with zone separating element MOLOSroto DF23A3 … ZTP7 monitors the filling level of bulk goods even under extreme process conditions. This device is used in a settling pit of a gas pipeline. There is ATEX zone 0, the most dangerous explosive atmosphere as a mixture of air and flammable gases. Furthermore, the device has to resist a pressure up to 100 bar.


Not only this high-end-device, but also standard rotary paddle switches of the MOLOSroto series are an optimal solution for the monitoring of levels and processes in nearly any kind of application in the areas of loading, storage, processing and transportation. Sediments in a settling pit of a gas pipeline can be reliably measured as well as filling levels in a grain silo or of finest powders in the chemical industry.