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MOLOSsafe-Safety for silo filling process

MOLOSsafe offers maximum safety during pneumatic silo filling.

Do you store the raw materials for the production in silos? Are these silos not controlled by a process control system? Do you still want a fully automated control of the silos especially during the pneumatic filling processes in order to avoid definitely a potentially overload of a silo? In this case MOLOSsafe is the absolutely right solution for you!


MOLOSsafe from MOLLET is a complete and independent protection system and the best possible protection for silos that are pneumatically filled by silo-vehicles. It protects from overflow of the silos, damage of the silo tanks and filter systems by overpressure or vacuum, soiling of the manufacturing plant as well as incorrect filling. Consequently it serves for working security, value conservation of the plant and environmental protection.


The basic package consists of a high level indicator, a silo filling device, a control and a signal horn. As soon as the full detector gives the signal “silo full” to the control, a warning signal is heard at the same time and the silo filling device closes automatically the filling pipe. Depending on requirement this package can be supplemented with further useful elements like signal lamp, pressure valve, pressure indicator, demand indicator or empty detector that are operated of course by the autarkic MOLOSsafe-control.