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MOLOSsafe – Safety by protection against overfilling

Maximum safety for pneumatically filled silos with the silo filling device SFA

The silo filling device SFA is a substantial part of the MOLOSsafe silo protection system from MOLLET. MOLOSsafe is a complete and independent protection system and the best possible protection for silos that are pneumatically filled by silo-vehicles. The basic package contains beside the silo filling device a high-level indicator, a control and a signal horn and can be supplemented with further useful elements like signal lamp, pressure valve, pressure indicator, demand indicator or empty detector.


The silo filling device SFA consist mainly of a pinch valve of the MOLOSvalve series and a MOLOSswing swiveling lever. The pinch valve is the ideal solution for the shutting off pneumatically conveyed powdery and grained bulk goods. Due to the straight and not reduced passage through the valve there are no jams and no reduction of the feed pressure. Long service life of hoses and easy change of these if needed are a matter of course. Typical applications are fillings lines for silos in the food industry, chemical industry, environmental industry, and construction industry.


The filling devices of the MOLOSsafe silo protection system have the required ATEX approvals for the use in potentially dust explosive atmospheres and are of course available as a separate single device as well. The different types enable the optimal adjustment to the specific applications.