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MOLOSvibro V6. for all bulk goods

Mini vibration rod level indicator even with limited mounting space!

The MOLOSvibro level indicator VF6. is even under extreme process conditions suitable for full, demand or empty detection in bins or containers for powdery, granulated and grained bulk goods with a minimum density of 0.02 t/m³. The very compact design allows a reliable level indication even with limited mounting space. This measuring device for limit level detection is available as compact sensor, rod extension sensor and suspension cable sensor.


Beside the approval for potentially dust explosive atmospheres these devices have the approval for areas with the ATEX classification zone 0/1. This is the most dangerous potentially explosive atmosphere as a mixture of air and flammable gases. The maintenance free level indicators of the MOLOSvibro series guarantee high reliability as well as a long durability even in hard and extreme applications. The innovative single rod construction with low oscillating weight and mini vibration rod enable a high sensitivity adjustable in three setting adjustments as well as a small vibration amplitude that avoids digging free within the bulk goods.