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Safe loading of bulk goods in explosive atmosphere

MOLOSroto rotary paddle level indicators approved for zone 20 offer new opportunities!

There are principally two kinds of loading bellows. Beside the loading bellows for closed loading of dusty bulk solids into trucks or wagons with filling holes there are systems for the open loading of bulk solids onto trucks, wagons, ships or heaps. During the open loading of potentially explosive bulk solids it could happen, that the complete MOLOSroto sensor is located in zone 20. One example are large loading systems for ships with a loading capacity of 2.000 m3/h and a height difference up to 50 m. In this loading bellows three MOLOSroto level indicators are required for the control of the discharge header and they are mounted completely in zone 20.


The rotary paddle level indicator MOLOSroto DF21 approved for zone 20 offers the designers of loading systems new opportunities. With this approval the complete sensor including control unit can be mounted in potentially explosive atmospheres of zone 20.