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Most inexpensive level control worldwide!

Reliable level control with inspection window MOLOSvisu W070 from MOLLET!

The simplest instruments provide often the most appropriate solutions. This wisdom is also true when it is concerned with applications for the level control of bulk solids for example in dosing hoppers, funnels, containers or pipes.


Is there a possibility to control the filling level with an absolutely maintenance-free device even in difficult circumstances, with highest reliability and a long lifetime? Yes, the MOLOSvisu W070 from MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH is suitable for full, demand or empty detection in dusty, powdery, granulated or grained bulk goods with any kind of density. The compact inspection window made of crystal clear Makrolon enables a reliable level indication even with rather limited mounting space and can be installed directly into the storage container or with an appropriate flange.


With the robust MOLOSvisu inspection windows the actual filling level can be made visible from the outside. In this way you can to keep an eye on it at all times. The package price for eight inspection windows with seal ring (NBR white) provides an unbeatable value for money so that the price per measuring point is far below 25.- €.