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Always keep a close eye on media flows!

Reliable control of all connections at a hose couplings station!

Automatically control of internal media flows and the visualization with the PLC is the order of the day. This smart way of process control is realized by the intelligent couplings-system from MOLLET with the brand name MOLOScode.

Each hose gets a transponder and any pipe connection is equipped with a reading device that deliver via bus-system the data about any single coupling point directly to the PLC. Only if the foreseen pairing corresponds to the reality, the production process continues to run undisturbed. A mix-up of the coupling point caused by human error in case of connecting and re-routing of connections can be safely avoided. The complete on-site production process can be showed in the control room and thereby allows a seamless documentation and traceability.

Any common couplings-system can be equipped or retrofitted with the MOLOScode-System.