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Visualization of filling levels in silos

Silo filling level indication VA with LED displays of the MOLOSvisu series


Couplings for Industry 4.0

MOLOScode the intelligent coupling-system detect hose couplings!


Filling level monitoring in sticky products

MOLOSroto level switch with annular gap flushing


Reliable MOLOSvalve pinch valves

Valves for shutting off, distributing, and dosing of bulk solids and liquids


Robust MOLOSroto DF25

Rotary blade level indicator with robust angled jib


MOLOSsafe – Safety by protection against overfilling

Maximum safety for pneumatically filled silos with the silo filling device SFA


Currentless control of material conveying

MOLOSmembran level indicator from MOLLET used as material jam detector


Level measurement below loads weighing tones

MOLOSroto level switches from MOLLET with reinforced shaft


Greetings for Christmas and New Year

Strangers could be business partners and friends that haven’t ....


Level measurement in spite of heavy vibrations

Accessory "vibration damping device" for MOLOSroto level switches


Top-product of the month

Intelligent hose couplings for the control of connections


Level measurement with radar

Reliable level measurement in bulk solids with measuring devices of the MOLOSwave series


Jam indicator for bulk solids

Immediate indication of material jam during product conveying enables action in order to avoid bigger problems!


Customer preference power efficiency

Currentless level measurement technology as a substantial contribution


MOLOScode the intelligent coupling-system

Internal product flows controlled and monitored by the PLC!

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