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Qualität – bei MOLLET Unternehmensmaxime
Qualität – bei MOLLET Unternehmensmaxime


Success through



through competence



MOLLET has developed a high level of expertise in the production of level measurement devices used in areas potentially subject to gas or dust explosion.


Therefore we check in our electronically laboratory the electrostatic charging of the plastic parts used in the measurement devices before they are operated in explosive environments.


Thereby a potential explosion caused by electrostatic charging of the level measurement indicator can be avoided.



Consistence of material




Certitude by analysis – that is our principle when it comes to the quality of our products. If you order an instrument made of stainless steel with the quality V4A, you will fill confident that it is not a less quality like V2A.


We analyze all delivered metals and alloys and determine their composition. For it we use a mobile X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer with GOLLD technology and a high-resolution silicon drift detector. The interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter is measured by this device and the composition of the material is exactly identified.



Surface resistance




The tendency of materials to be charged electrostatic is mainly dependent on the surface resistance of this material.


Therefore we measure the surface resistance or the dissipation of the used materials with our Tera-ohmmeter our electronically laboratory.


With different probes we can do all necessary measurements independent of the surface conditions.