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+ + + Dear customers, despite the still widespread delivery bottlenecks, our production is running smoothly. We have a good inventory of materials and can manufacture your orders on time + + +
Qualität – bei MOLLET Unternehmensmaxime


Success through



through competence

That our commitment to quality is rewarded has been proven in our reliable products that are used in many different applications. A lot of satisfied customers coming from different industries confirm our efforts in outperforming customer expectations. We achieve this with personal know-how, long-term experience with the use of our devices in many different industries and the special skills of each employee.


You can expect ideas and developments from MOLLET that meet the requirements of tomorrow.

Quality, advanced technology and especially the satisfaction of our customers have the highest priority for MOLLET. We act in accordance with this in all departments, right from the development of state-of-the-art products up to a personal customer service.


The fundamental quality guidelines are defined in the MOLLET Quality System (MQS), valid for all working processes and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our processes are although certified for the production of devices that can be used in hazardous areas by TÜV Nord.

The yardstick by which we judge our success is confirmation by our customers.