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Success through



through competence


High temperatures


In our development laboratory we test our products in a test oven with process temperatures up to 1400 °C.


We need such a high temperature in order to optimize the thermal radiation of the temperature decoupling elements of rotary paddle switches that are used in processes with very high temperatures. We survey the development of temperature by using an infrared camera and by measuring the temperature at several test points inside and outside of the temperature decoupling element.


Infrared camera


The maximum values of the surface temperature can be measured exactly only with pictures of an infrared camera.


That’s the way we determine the heating and heat distribution inside of the housing. Thereby we check for example the heating of motor, gear, and electronics by the high process temperatures.


Pressure resistance

For applications with a very high process pressure we use a so called zone separating element. This element ZTP71 is suitable for process pressures up to 100 bars.


Prior to delivery each element is tested with a test pressure of 200 bars under the supervision of a qualified person according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Thereby the bending of the separating wall is measured in order to verify the pressure resistance. Due to this testing procedure MOLLET level indicators can be used for process pressures up to 100 bars.