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Success through



through competence

Identify material density




Decisive for the perfect design of bulk solids level indicators is the detailed knowledge of bulk solids and their density.


Since foundation of the company we have created a list of bulk solids with correspondent densities. Today MOLLET provides you one of the most comprehensive bulk goods list with bulk densities.


Ongoing we are weighing further bulk solids and extend our bulk goods list with these new values.



Laboratory of bulk goods


In our laboratory for bulk goods different bulk materials coming from a lot of industries are stored. There are food, feed, building materials, plastics, metal and alloys, chemical and pharmaceutical materials as well as wood and coal in different grain sizes.


In the laboratory all these bulk goods are retained, the characteristics are cataloged and used for comparisons with the individual customer application. By doing so, we make sure that customers always get the optimal suited measuring device for their specific applications.