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Success through



through competence


Conditioning cabinet




A very important apparatus in our laboratory is the conditioning cabinet. Temperatures in a range from -40 °C up to +180 °C including all moisture levels can be simulated.


For the ATEX approvals according DIN EN 60079 our instruments are conditioned inside this conditioning cabinet for many weeks. Housings and sealing are enormously heated, cooled down, and dried out during this process. Afterwards a mechanical shock test is executed. Then the protection against dust and water (Protection to IP) is checked.



Cold resistance



Suitability of our level measurement devices for cold environments up to -40 °C (Norway, Finland, and Russia) is check and proofed with long-term test runs in our cold camber. The test runs last at least 4 weeks.


During these test runs we proof and check, whether the installed heating elements and their controlling are able to keep the rotary level indicator in a fail-safe operating temperature in spite of a -40 °C cold environment. Overall 6 temperature sensors transmit the measurement values to a computer that converts these values into easy understandable temperature curves.



Fitness for the tropics



The ability to use our level indicators for bulk solids under tropical conditions is proofed by test runs in our conditioning cabinet.


The measurement devices undergo changing temperatures and moistures for many weeks in order to guarantee the fail-safe operation under tropical environment conditions.


The guidelines of the DIN EN 60068-2-30 are only minimum requirements for the test runs; we additionally irrigate the devices from all sides.