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The rotary paddle level indicator DF11 is used in most bulk solids for full-, empty or demand-detection within silos and bins. The sensors can be adjusted to the requirements of many applications with a limited number of options and accessories.


Product Features

  • unaffected by dust, caking, and conductivity of material
  • to be used in areas with potentially dust explosive atmospheres as well
  • versatile and universally applicable
  • unbeatable price-performance-ratio
  • jib extension up to 2.000 mm maximum length
  • high reliability
  • continuous operation without maintenance
  • easy installation


Further information on ATEX

Supply voltage
230, 115, 48, 24 V AC / 24V DC
Signal contact
1mA / 4V DC … 2A / 250V AC
change-over contact, potential-free
Bulk goods temperature
-25 °C ... +80 °C
Ambient temperature
-20 °C ... +70 °C
Process pressure
-0,5 bar … 1 bar
ATEX approval
Process connection
Housing IP66
Shafts and rope up to 2m length
Stainless steel
Measuring blades
Stainless steel, plastics
Mounting position
any / vertical depending on design
Technical data

The price worth and universal useable level limit switch DF11 fits for bulk goods such as powder, granulate, fine and coarse-grained. In easy applications these DF11 indicates minimal or maximal fill levels reliably and precisely. Therefore it is used in many different industries:



Our level control indicators are named in business magazins as paddle switches, rotary paddel switches, point measurement devices, level sensor, level switch or level control.