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With the microwave switch MOLOSbarrier FBM the level of bulk solids and liquids can be contactless indicated or monitored. It can be used as minimum, maximum and demand indicator as well as for jam monitoring in tubes.



Product features

  • contactless level limit switch
  • reliable microwave principal
  • use in aggressive bulk solids and liquids possible
  • high reliability
  • maintenance-free continuous operation
  • easy installation
  • safety due to active self-monitoring
  • easy parametrization at the device
  • sensitivity, signal damping, switching hysteresis and filter function adjustable
Stainless steel 304 (1.4301)
Sensor surface
PTFA (optional ceramic)
Bulk solids temperature
-20 °C ... +90 °C
Ambient temperature
-20 °C ... +70 °C
Supply voltage
18 ... 30 V DC
Power consumption
2x approx. 80 mA at 24 V DC
Transmission power
10 dBm
Signal contacts
1 potential-free changeover contact
2 normally open contacts for Ready
Switching capacity
10 µA ... 1 A
Contact voltage
35 V AC or 45 V DC
Connection terminals
maximum 1.5 mm² (pluggable)
Cable entry
Screw connect
2x M16 x 1.5
Protection class
acc. DIN EN 60529
Process pressure
up to 2 bar
(optional 25 bar)
2x 1.25 kg = 2.50 kg
Mounting position
LED green
LED yellow
Switching output
signal strength
Technical data





The MOLOSbarrier FBM is a contactless and versatile useable limit switch for any kind of bulk solids and liquids. It is used as empty, full and demand indicator as well as jam monitor in tubes in all industries.