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Advantages of MOLOScode

  • Safety against mix up of hose connections: Mistakes caused by human error and accident risks are impossible due to the hose detection with MOLOScode. Passages only opened after verification of the correct connection of source-destination-combination.
  • Monitoring of material flow in all process steps: The process control system is continuously informed about the actual source-destination-combination. Further production steps will be started not before the in the PLC stored source-destination-data match with the actually received signals.
  • Plant and Process Safety: Material distribution, coupling frequency, time of connection and other service data can be recorded without gap.
  • Documentation: Ingredients and traceability of products as well as the quality can be documented.
  • Process Safety: Compound of products gets validated and certified.
  • Hose Management: Contamination and dates for inspection of the hoses can be monitored

MOLOScode system with RFID

identifies the matching of couplings at hose coupling stations and material distribution points.

DOWNLOAD: appliance information for 16 RD / appliance information for 32 RD / selection list


Hose coupling stations

Different versions of hose coupling stations are equipped with the MOLOScode system.


Coupling station

Coupling stations enable an easy and flexible change of bulk goods e.g. in an injection molding factory.



Source-destination-combinations at the coupling stations can be visualized online in the control room.


Monitoring of a coupling station

With MOLOScode the monitoring of a coupling station is possible as well.



MOLLET plans and supplies complete coupling stations with all common coupling systems including data collection.



Existing coupling stations can be refitted with the MOLOScode system.