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As far as our broad product range of connection solutions with limit switches is not sufficient for your application, it will be a pleasure for us to design and to manufacture customized solutions for any specific application.

Special connection made of stainless steel V4A 

  • Storz coupling system on the one side
  • Flange connection on the other side
  • Flange size can be freely selected

Coding with limit switches

  • KAMLOK coupling system
  • 3 limit switches for coding 1 of 7
  • Customized design

Flange with limit switch

  • Robust flange connection
  • Inductive limit switch
  • Customized design

Reduction connection for dry air coupling

  • Storz coupling system 110 mm to 50 mm hose connection
  • Dry air covering in sugar silos
  • With coded signals for the switch room