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The MFE-A is a level indicator for full, empty or demand detection of granulates and grain-shaped bulk goods with a maximum grain size of 30 mm. It is mainly used in silos, hoppers, or bins. This sensor with stainless steel membrane and aluminium housing is particularly suitable for the use in areas with dust and gas explosion hazard.


Product features

  • suitable for use in areas with dust and gas explosion hazard
  • versatile and universally applicable
  • good price-performance-ratio
  • high reliability
  • continuous operation without maintenance
  • easy installation
  • no auxiliary energy necessary
  • no sensor parts inside of the silo, hopper, or bin
  • adjustable sensitivity


Further information on ATEX

Signal contact
Switching voltage
24V…250V AC or 12V…125V DC
with gas-ex Ui < 30V (intrinsic safe)
Switching capacity
4A / 250V AC
with gas-ex Ii < 0,1A (intrinsic safe)
Ambient temperature
-25 °C … +80 °C
DustEx, GasEx
adjustable from 60 g … 2000 g
depending on membrane
Response delay
Housing up to IP66
NBR, VITON, Stainless steel
Mounting ring
Zinc-plated steel or Stainless steel
Mounting position
Technical data


The MFE-A is a Membrane level limit switch with aluminium housing for powdery, granulated and coarse-grained bulk materials. Although in explosive gas and dust atmospheres the MFE-A detects any required level reliable and accurate. Therefore it is used in many different applications: