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The MFE is a level indicator for full, empty or demand detection of granulates and grain-shaped bulk goods with a maximum grain size of 30 mm. It is mainly used in silos, hoppers, or bins. The sensor can be optimally configurated for any application with a lot of options. The sensor configuration MFEF with a recessed flange, for example, avoids deposits of bulk solids in front of the membrane.


Product features

  • versatile and universally applicable
  • good price-performance-ratio
  • high reliability
  • continuous operation without maintenance
  • easy installation
  • no auxiliary energy necessary
  • no sensor parts inside of the silo, hopper, or bin
  • adjustable sensitivity


Further information on ATEX

Switching voltage
24V…250V AC or 12V...125V DC
Switching capacity
4A / 250V AC
potential-free change-over contact
Ambient temperature
-20 °C … +60 °C
adjustable from 60 g … 2000 g
depending on membrane
Response delay
Housing up to IP65
NBR, VITON, Stainless steel
Mounting ring
Zinc-plated steel or Stainless steel
Mounting position
Technical data


The MFE is a Membrane level limit switch with plastic housing for powdery, granulated and coarse-grained bulk materials. Although in difficult applications the MFE detects any required level reliable and accurate. Therefore it is used in many different applications: