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The MOLOSpendu monitoring device PS is an universal rod-switch with versatile using capabilities. For example it can be used as robust limit switch, as counter for sacks on conveyor belts or for monitoring of bulk solids in motion.


Product features

  • Reliable monitoring of moved bulk solids
  • Versatile using capabilities
  • Good price-performance-ratio
  • Easiest installation
  • No operating energy necessary
GAL, RAL 7001 coated
Steel galvanized
Folding bellows
NBR, black
Pendulum rod
NBR, black with aluminium core
Overpressure safety
up to 0.5 bar
Ambient temperature
-20 °C ... +70
Bulk goods temperature
-25 °C ... +80
Signal contact
change-over contact
Switching voltage
24V…250V AC
or 12V...125V DC
Capacity of the contact
6A / 250V AC
Mounting position
Technical data

Capabilities of the MOLOSpendu monitoring device PS are for example the monitoring of material flow in delivery pipes, the counting of sacks on conveyor belts, control of material stream at the end of pneumatic conveying or as material jam detector in conveying screws and elevators as well as control of loading heights on conveying belts.