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The electronic filling control S-EST monitors and controls in the basic version the complete filling process of the silos by silo vehicles. On request, further functions of the additional modules could be integrated in the control as well. Depending on the requirements the control is designed for 230 V / 400 V AC or 24 V DC.


Functioning process of the basic version

  • Swiveling lever actuate limit switch during connection filling tube
  • Control opens stop valve and switches on the full indicator
  • Green lamp „Filling o.k.“ lights up
  • Start filling process
  • Bulk solids actuate the high level switch achieving desired filling height
  • Control actuates signal horn (can be switched of with button  „Signal horn off“)
  • Green lamp goes out , red lamp „Silo full“ lights up
  • Stop filling process immediately and empty filling tube
  • Control closes shutoff valve after approx. 30 sec.
  • Shutoff valve can be manually opened again with a key operated switch