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The empty and demand level indicator DF23 for silos and bins can be used in nearly all bulk solids applications. It is a useful extension module for the the silo-safe-system.


Product features

  • Ideal for heavy impacts for example due to bridge's collapse
  • Expensive protection roofs no more necessary
  • Unaffected by pressure, temperature, dust, caking, and conductivity of material
  • To be used in all areas with potentially explosive atmospheres as well
  • Versatile and universally applicable
  • Fantastic price-performance-ratio
  • Reinforced shaft up to 2.000 mm maximum length
  • High reliability
  • Continuous operation without maintenance
  • Easy installation



Technical data

Supply voltage
230, 115, 48, 24 V AC / 48, 24, 12 V DC
Signal contact
1mA / 4V DC … 2A / 250V AC
change-over contact, potential-free
Bulk goods temperature
-40 °C … +260 °C
Ambient temperature
-40 °C … +70 °C
Process pressure
-1 bar … 25 bar
up to 100 bar on request
ATEX approval
DustEx and GasEx
Process connection
Threats, flange and more
Aluminium or stainless steel
Housing IP66
Aluminium or stainless steel
Extension (shaft and measuring blade)
Stainless steel
Sealing ring
Mounting position