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For an optimized pneumatic conveying without turbulences, pressure drop and wear MOLOSconnect offers a special machined spiral coiled tube. The passage between inner tube and coupling is designed absolutely straight without any barrier.


Product features

  • Barrier-free passage between inner tube and coupling
  • No turbulences and no additional wear
  • Spiral coiled tube can be fitted with all common coupling systems
  • Inside plain and outside ribbed tube with covered spiral spring and copper strands
  • Extension of hose endings depending on dimensions of nozzle without spiral spring on both sides
  • Pale and abrasive resistant inner tube suitable for food and pharmaceuticals as well
  • Black and conductive cover

Technical data

Bending radius
approx. 1.000 mm
Operating pressure
3 bar
Bursting pressure
9 bar
Operating temperature
-30 °C … +80 °C
Nominal diameter
65, 80, 100, 120, 150
Thickness of wall
depending on nominal diameter
7 ... 12 mm
Length of hose
depending on demand

Further information