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LED-devices of the VA-series for the indication of continuous filling levels with an input of 0/4-20 mA for the measured value. These value indications ideally complement the level measurement devices of the MOLOSbob- and MOLOSwave series. The LED-devices are intended for the incorporation in switching boards or in housing. The VA-EI141 offers the indication of the actual filling levels and the VA-EI7412 provides additionally the possibility to switch relays on two separate filling levels.


Product features

  • Easily legible 7 segment LED indication
  • Adjustable scale range from -1999 up to 4000
  • Decimal point, adjustable
  • 2 relays adjustable as setpoint or alarm output (only available with EI7412)
  • Parameter protection
  • Hold function
  • Memory of minimum and maximum values
  • Face plate mounting
  • Snap-on connection terminal
7-segment LED
Character size
9,1 mm
14,2 mm
Indication range
-1999 to 4000
Measuring range
0 ... 20 mA / 4 ... 20 mA
0 ... 1 V / 0 ... 10 V
Power supply
230 V AC 50/60 Hz
24 V DC +/- 10%
0 °C ... 50 °C
Protection type
IP65 (front side)
IP20 (back site)
B77 x H35 x T71 mm
Thickness of front plate
maximum 7 mm
Installation cutout
71 x 29 mm
68 x 68 mm
122 g incl. packaging
350 g incl. packaging
Technical data

Here are two typical applications for the MOLOSvisu measured value indication.

Cabinet with LED-indications for 6 Silos:

MOLOSsafe cabinet with LED-indication: